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October 20th Photo>>>

October 20th Slide Show
October 13th Slide Show

The Mount Baker Club and REI extends a big "Thank You" to the following volunteers for helping to plant the native trees along the Bay to Baker Trail on October 13th and 20th:
Ed Alm Janet Boyhan Pete Chorney
Don Derrington Chris Engelhardt Meredith Ford
Larry Ford Sue Huskey Duane Huskey
Paris Kennedy Pat Kennedy Tom Mirón
Mel Monkelis Margaret Salmi Herman Schweizer


September 4, 2007
This is very good news indeed for all of us here in the Foothills.
The need for trail system(s) has been a prevalent theme in many community discussions and workshops, and the need for walkable communities and corridors between communities in the Foothills is a common thread that binds many diverse groups here.

This is such a great community and I know there is strong support for the Bay to Baker Trail. This is very exciting news indeed!

Sean Wilson
Secretary, Board of Trustees
The "Bay to Baker" (B2B)trail will eventually run from downtown Bellingham to the Mount Baker ski area, covering approximately 74 miles, making it one of the most unique trails in the country.  The Mount Baker Club has adopted 7.5 miles of this trail, running from Maple Falls to Glacier.  Mount Baker Club members follow the tradition of stewardship established by Charles F. Easton, one of the club's original founders, by donating over 300 volunteer hours to the trail parties as of April 2007.  Organizations and businesses are needed to adopt remaining portions of this trail.

Volunteers Needed - High School Seniors are encouraged to complete their culminating project on the Bay to Baker Trail in their community.

Photos of Completed Trail Parties


Bay to Baker Trail in Whatcom County - Summer 2007

Report provided by Whatcom County Parks and Recreation

Property Management:
At locations where the trail needs to be relocated due to the Nooksack River’s change in course, and in areas where the existing right of way ownership does not provide a practical trail route, acquisition of alternative right of way is being pursued. To date, we have had good success in many areas along the seven mile stretch.

Trail Clearing:
The excellent efforts by the Mt. Baker Club have opened up lengthy sections of the existing trail right of way. This involved a great deal of strenuous labor that is difficult to appreciate without actually being involved in a work party, Pulaski in hand, devils club and blackberry ripping one’s clothes and tangling and tripping one’s feet.

Whatcom County Parks trail crew opened up the remaining overgrown sections of right of way over the summer. The only sections not cleared of brush at present are sections where the route has not been determined.

2’ x 2’ concrete blocks have been placed at locations where the newly cleared trail right of way crosses existing roads. This was done to block entrance by cars and trucks. In addition, signage reading “No Motorized Vehicles” has been attached.

A consultant from Sahale LLC of Seattle, WA was called in to assess and recommend bridge placement and design at Maple Creek, Hedrick Creek and Cornell Creek. Based on Sahale LLC’s report grant funding can be applied for and permitting can move forward.

A re-route has been determined to bypass the section of trail washed out by the Nooksack River between the Mt. Baker wayside interpretive sign and the Glacier Springs development. This re-route will include a switchback trail up the bank to the level of Mt. Baker Highway and three bridges.

A land disturbance permit for the general construction of the trail surface is being completed along with the appropriate environmental regulatory permits. This permit will propose two phases of construction, the first including all work that does not need additional structural building permits (such as bridges) and the second phase including all remaining work.

Upgrading of the first 2000 feet of trail from Vaughn Ave. in Glacier, west to the Sierra Pacific logging road is permitted and is scheduled to start on September 24th. Construction will take about one week. The replacement of the Boulder Creek Bridge is proceeding as scheduled.

Map of Bay to Baker Trail
(Route is subject to change)

Click for Map


Additional Trail Party Dates...
Volunteer to Plant Native Vegetation on B2B. 
Important: Please print and post this < flyer > at your work or school.
The weekend work parties will be on October 13th and 20th for planting native shrubs and trees along the Bay to Baker Trail. We will be carpooling so invite your friends. On October 13th and 20th, we will meet:
9:00 AM at Sunnyland School in Bellingham, at the parking lot on the SE corner of Maryland and James St. OR
9:30 AM at the parking lot of Mt. Baker High School OR
10:00 AM at the public restrooms in Glacier next to Grahams Restaurant. The planting activity will end at approximately 2:00 PM on each day.  Call 360-392-1015 for questions.

Groups Can Select Their Own Trail Party Dates

If your group would like to volunteer for a Trail Party, and none of the upcoming dates work, please call 360-392-1015 (Bellingham).  A different date can be chosen for groups such as Boy Scouts, outdoor groups at schools, and others.

Completed Trail Parties:
Earth Day 2007 with International Friendship Club of Whatcom Community College - April 21, 2007
Bay to Baker Trail October 2006
WorkSource Youth Work On Bay to Baker Trail April 11, 2006 Work Party Photos
April 2006 Earth Day Work Party Photos
January 2006 Work Party Photos(14)
September, 2005 No photos.
August 13, 2005 Work Party Photos (10)
July 30, 2005 Work Party Photo (1)
Trail Work Volunteer Sign Up
Photos of Glacier to Cornell Creek BEFORE Work Parties on July 3, 2005
Glacier to Cornell Creek Map
Scouting Hike photos on the Bay to Baker Trail from Maple Falls to Glacier on Sunday, March 13, 2005.
Bellingham Herald Story

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Bay to Baker Trail Work Party (See Activities)

Mount Baker Club members and Whatcom County Parks and Recreation scouting the route for the Maple Falls to Glacier portion of the Bay to Baker Trail on May 17, 2005. 

Pictured L to R are:
Al Heezen, Lynne Givler (Whatcom County Parks and Recreation Programs) Jan Salo, Jackie Cochinos.  Not pictured but on hike were Richard Cochinos, Hermod Bakke, Mel Monkelis.