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Want to lead a hike or other outing?
Come to the Outings Committee meeting or write up your proposal and get it to the Eric Rolfs, Outing Chair at
Outing/Hike Leader Forms: Click here for information on outing/hike reports.

Short Notice Outings -
If you're planning an outing with only a few days notice, and want to go with others, use the Short Notice Outings Email ListServ

Current hikes, bike, canoe, kayak, campouts, and backpack trips are listed in the Friday Bellingham Herald.
Full details of times, meeting locations, who to call, type of hike (easy, moderate, strenuous) can be found in each issue of the newsletter, The Rambler.  Join today to get your copy mailed to you.

Call event leader for meeting time and location.

IMPORTANT: Note to new members and community folks who join us: When it is posted that we meet at Sunnyland Elementary School, go to the largest of the parking lots at the corner of James and Maryland were the traffic light is located. (MAP)

Current Trail Conditions
Washington Trails Association Hiking Guide http://www.wta.org/hp/go-hiking/hikes
US Forest Service Current Conditions: http://www.fs.usda.gov/mbs 


Sept 26- Saturday -Turtleback Mountain Hike, Orcas Island: This easy to moderate hike follows a trail that was recently made accessible by the San Juan Preservation Trust and the Nature Conservancy. We’ll load our bikes on a ferry in Anacortes, ride 3 miles to the trail head on Orcas, and then hike to the summit (5.8 miles round-trip, 1,295 feet elevation gain). Weather permitting, the views will be good. Depart Sunnyland School south side parking lot at 8:30 am (carpoolers arrive at Sunnyland by 8 am) to catch 10:35 am ferry. Note: check with Drew to confirm timing. Pack lunch, dinner out on way home on Orcas or in Anacortes, home about 10 pm. Suggested carpool fee $6. Drew Winsor, 425 341 3738, ajwinsor@gmail.com

Oct 3—Saturday - High Pass/Low Pass Hike: Strenuous, about 6 miles, 2,000 feet elevation gain. A great hike from Twin Lakes toward Mt. Larrabee with excellent views into the Silesia Creek canyon and impressive peaks beyond. Leaving Sunnyland School south side parking lot promptly at 8:00 am. Rough gravel roads require a high clearance vehicle. Carpool fee for riders at least $6. A National Forest or National Park Pass required. This hike might be cancelled due to adverse weather. Contact Jennie & Steve for more information, tosteve@mac.com or 360-656-5216. 

Oct 10—Saturday – Skagit Flats Breakfast Ride: We'll leave early for a hearty bike ride through the beautiful Skagit Valley flats to a little know old-time grocery that serves a mean breakfast. We'll depart from the parking lot of 3533 Chuckanut Drive (former bamboo/bonsai nursery and more recently antique shop) at 8am. and head south through the flats to Rexville Grocery. This is a 40 miles round trip, medium pace ride- get in some practice between now and then. Drew Winsor, 425 341 3738, ajwinsor@gmail.com. 

Oct 11—Sunday – Hannegan Pass Hike: Distance 8.0 Round Trip - Elevation gain 1966 feet - Great views and fall color. Moderate difficulty. We will leave from Sunnyland School at 8:00 am. Carpool fee $5 - Questions? Contact Walt by e mail at sharrond@comcast.net 

Oct 18—Sunday - Excelsior Peak from Damfino Lakes Hike: About 6 1⁄2 miles, 1500' elevation gain. Tiny lakes, forest, meadows and Excelsior Pass. The more energetic can continue a few hundred feet to the peak, the rest can sit at the pass and enjoy the astonishing views. Leave from Sunnyland’s parking lot at 8:00am, or from Maple Fuels around 8:45. This outing may be cancelled if bad weather is forecast. NWFP required for trail head parking. Contact Owen Bamford at owen.bamford@gmail.com or 360-393-3481.

Oct 23—Friday - Alaksen National Wildlife Area, Delta, BC: Did you know the Delta, BC Reifel bird area offers much more than the pay-to-enter viewing area? Open weekdays only, and free, you can walk the easy, 3 -5 mile level trails around the dike and see the observation tower in the birding area, the canal near Steveston, and the original Reifel home. Meet at 9 at Sunnyland to arrange carpools, but trip leader will meet everyone at the Ferndale WTA park & ride & transit center at 9:30. Bring proper ID to cross the border. Suggested carpool fee: $4. Possible lunch afterwards somewhere in BC. Kim Cederstrom, kimcederstrom@yahoo.com

Oct 25—Sunday Ridley Creek trail to Mazama Park Hike:
About 8 miles, total elevation gain about 2200'. Initially steep, and not recommended for unreliable knees, as the trail is also steep downhill. Mazama Park has great views of Mt. Baker and Easton Glacier from the south. This trail was recently re-opened and depends on a foot-log still being in place across the creek, so we will have to cancel if it has been washed out again. Trail- head access is from Mt. Baker highway and Mosquito Lake Rd followed by Middle Fork Rd and Forest Rd. 38 (rough). NWFP required for trail head parking. Leave from Sunnyland’s parking lot at 8:00. This outing may be cancelled if bad weather is forecast. For more information contact Owen Bamford at owen.bamford@gmail.com or 360-393-3481.


Nov 1—Sunday—Lake Anne Hike: Savor the sights on this hike to beautiful blue-green Lake Ann with a close-up view of Mt. Shuksan and its inspiring glaciers before snow closes off the route. 8.2 miles round trip and 1,900 feet of elevation gain. Depart Sunnyland School south side parking lot at 8:00 am. NWF Pass required for trail head parking. Suggested carpool fee $6. Contact Drew Winsor for more information: 425 341 3738, ajwinsor@gmail.com

Nov 8 Sunday—Chuckanut Ridge Hike: Enjoy views of Mount Baker and the San Juan Islands (if the weather cooperates) along this approximately’ 9 miles and 1,000 feet of elevation gain hike. Start from the North Chuckanut parking lot and following signs to ridge, taking the High Ridge trail to Cleator Road and a short walk down Cleator to rejoin the Lower Ridge trail and then back to the vehicles. Meet at Sunnyland School Elem. Parking lot at 8:30am or at the North Chuckanut trail head parking lot before 9am. For additional info contact Judith at sunsetjam@gmail.com or 360-982-8599 

Nov 14 Saturday—Whistle Lake Hike: 11498 Whistle Lake Rd Anacortes, WA: Whistle Lake is a small lake located in the city limits of Anacortes Community Forest Lands. This nice little 3.7 mile loop can be enjoyed at any time of year because of its low elevation. Good for all skill levels. Whistle Lake and its network of for- est trails have a quiet woodland beauty. Depart Sunnyland School south side parking lot at 9am. Suggested carpool fee $5. Contact Carol via phone/email at 360-296-5997 or wildiscalling@gmail.com.

Nov 21 Saturday—East Bank Baker Lake Hike: Easy hike, mere 500 feet elevation gain, 9 mile round trip. Trail borders Baker Lake with spectacular views of Mt. Baker and the lake. Meet at the intersection of Cook Rd. and Hwy 99, in the dirt lot across from the gas station in Burlington @ 8:30 am, Suggest $10 carpool. Most likely finish the day with a stop at Birdsview Brewery for a rehydration session. Contact Mike at mikesdavis@outlook.com , 708.302.9177.

Nov 22 Sunday—Thanksgiving Dessert Potluck, 6:30pm -8:30pm: We'll gather again the weekend before Thanksgiving, this year for a dessert potluck at the Bellingham Food Co-op's Community Room (in the new Co-Op Bakery, directly across Holly Street from the main store at the intersection of Forest and Holly). Park on the street, not in the few spots in the bakery parking lot unless you need handicap access. Enter through the bakery and ask for directions to the Community Room in back. We'll provide tea, coffee, plates. cups, and silverware. It's truly a potluck so bring what you like- dessert or even appetizers. Our own Clifford Brown will present a slide show and talk from his recent trip to Botswana, South Africa, and Namibia. Contact Tanya Braumiller for more information, 360 366 7320, lustrosa7321@gmail.com. 


Dec 12 Saturday—Wallace Falls Hike: Located in Snohomish County off Hwy 2 near the town of Gold Bar, this 5.5 mile hike involves about 1,200 feet of elevation gain and three large waterfalls. Depart Sunnyland School parking lot at 8:00 am and meet the trip leader at the Chuckanut Junction Park and Ride in Burlington just off Exit 231 for departure at 8:30 am. Contact Eric, eric@bigrockexcursions.com or 360-770-2926.

Dec 19 - Saturday—Reifel Bird Sanctuary Hike:
Enjoy a day of bird watching while exploring the trails in the 850 acre managed wetlands, natural marshes and low dikes in the heart of the Fraser River Estuary on Westham Island located just west of Ladner in Delta, BC. Identification for border crossing required and $5 (Canadian) admission fee to the sanctuary. Group will meet at 8:30am at the Birch Bay outlet stores. Contact Ron, 360-733-1183.

Look for short-notice hikes, too, through the Mt Baker Google Groups email account. These are, as you guessed, hikes planned at the last minute with notice posted to members with perhaps just a few days (or less) notice. If you are a MBC member, please feel free to post a short-notice hike in this manner.

CARPOOL FEES are to reimburse the driver for transport to & from the trailhead, and are suggested amounts; Trailhead parking fees may also be shared with the driver.

Carpooling at Sunnyland School
New signs at the Sunnyland School parking lot where the club meets for carpooling warn that unauthorized vehicles will be towed.
Club members can still leave cars in the lot on weekends, but during the week the lot is for school district use only. (MAP)

Carpooling at the Former Cost Cutter Lot
Park at the Southeast corner of the lot near the rock wall (MAP)
CROSSING THE BORDER: You can use your passport, your NEXUS card, or the new State/Province/Territory-Issued Enhanced Drivers License, which provides information on both identity and nationality. 

CHILDREN: Kids must be accompanied on hikes by parent or guardian, and also when crossing the border.

Want to lead a hike, bike, kayak, canoe, backpack or other outing to an interesting place?
Come to the Outings Committee meeting or write up your proposal and get it to the Outings Chair, Eric Rolfs, Email  eric@bigrockexcursions.com

Find the terrain of your hike by visiting TopoZone.com.

In cooperation with the Bellingham Mountaineers, check out hiking activities listed here: http://www.bellinghammountaineers.org

Release, Hold Harmless and Indemnity Agreement.

I hereby state that I wish to participate in activities offered by the Mount Baker Club, a non-profit corporation. I understand and recognize that any outdoor activity may involve certain dangers including, but not limited to, the hazards of traveling on roads, trails, mountainous terrain or waterways; accidents or illness in remote places; forces of nature; and the actions of activity leaders, coordinators or of other participants and other persons.

I understand and agree to the following: (1) My participation in an activity is at the discretion of the trip leader. (2) I assume all risks traveling to and from the trip. (3) I assume all risks during the activity and if I leave the group at any time. (4) I may have to exercise extra care for myself and others in case of emergency. There may not be rescue facilities or expertise necessary to deal with injuries or damages to which I may be exposed. (5) The Mount Baker Club may use any photographs taken during the trip without asking my permission and without payment. If any provision is invalid or unenforceable, the rest of the agreement remains in force.

In consideration of the right to participate in the activities offered by the Mount Baker Club, I agree to RELEASE, HOLD HARMLESS AND INDEMNIFY the Mount Baker Club and its members from any and all liability, claims and causes of action arising out of or in any way connected with my participation, or the participation of any minor who I am signing on behalf of, in any activities offered by the Mount Baker Club. I personally assume all risks in connection with these activities. The terms of this agreement shall serve as a release and indemnity agreement for my heirs, per- sonal representatives and for all members of my family.



The Mount Baker Club encourages all members to participate in and lead hikes and other outings. The following outlines the key duties and responsibilities of the trip leader.

If you have a trip that you would like to lead, there are a couple of ways to proceed. Every three months there is an Outings meeting prior to the regular Mount Baker Club (MBC) Board meeting. The Outings Chairperson sends out an email notifying members prior to this meeting. You can attend the meeting, bringing the trip details with you or you can email them to the current Outings Chairperson. All of these trips will be listed on the MBC website for members and the public to see. You can also email a Short Notice of the trip to the MBC membership at the following address: MountBakerClub@googlegroups.com

All members who have provided their email address are included in this list and will be notified. Some things to consider including in your trip description are:

  • •  Trip Date

  • •  Trail Name

  • •  Location of meeting place if not using Sunnyland School

  • •  Trip length

  • •  Trip duration (hours)

  • •  Elevation to be climbed

  • •  Mention of any special equipment/permits/carpool fees or other factors

  • •  Leader contact information

  1. The trip leader should have previous experience with the trip they are leading or adequate outdoor experience to successfully lead a trip in unfamiliar territory. It’s always a good idea to check out the route and the roads to the trailhead/starting point prior to the trip to be aware of current conditions.

  2. Trip leaders and participants should carry equipment and supplies appropriate to the trip description and anticipated weather conditions. The 10 Essentials can be found here: http://www.mountbakerclub.org/TenEssentials.pdf

  3. If weather or other conditions cause the trip to be canceled, the leader must notify participants via Short Notice that the trip has been canceled. Since the public can attend our outings, it is suggested that the trip leader go to the meeting location in case people have showed up for the trip. Unless otherwise stated, the regular meeting place for MBC car pooling is Sunnyland School.

  1. Plan to arrive at the agreed upon meeting location a few minutes before the agreed upon time. Bring a Sign-up sheet and make sure all participants sign in. If you are meeting some participants at the trailhead, make sure they are signed in as well. The sheet can be found here: http://www.mountbakerclub.org/HikeEventRosterMountBakerClub.pdf

  2. The leader should introduce them self and have participants introduce themselves. Provide your group with a brief explanation of the planned trip. Distribute maps if relevant. Coordinate passengers and drivers and make sure everyone has a ride. If a carpool fee has been suggested then it’s appropriate to remind passengers to pay the driver at the beginning or end of the trip. Provide drivers with clear directions to the trailhead.

  3. Trip leaders should count the number of trip participants at the start of the trip, periodically throughout the trip, and again at the end of the trip to insure that everyone is accounted for. A trail "sweep" should be designated on hiking trips and the participants of the trip should be kept between the trip leader and the sweep.

  4. Prefer frequent shorter stops over longer, less frequent stops. When you have a group of mixed fitness, interest levels, and stamina, it is best to make stops short and frequent.

  5. If a trail/road splits or branches, make sure that everyone is aware of the direction to be taken. The leader can designate a person to wait until everyone has made the correct turn or use an agreed upon marker indicating the correct direction.

  6. Make whatever decisions may be necessary to ensure the safety of the group. Think SAFETY at all times. You are the leader with the final say.

  7. Be sure that everyone is accounted for before leaving the trailhead for home. Check with the drivers to make sure everyone has a ride home. NEVER leave anyone behind on a trail.

  8. Write a trip report including any photos taken and send it to MountBakerClub@googlegroups.com You can also post it on Facebook if you have an account. https://www.facebook.com/MountBakerClub

    Trail Etiquette Tips

  • •  Observe regulations

  • •  Don’t pick flowers or plants

  • •  Be considerate of others on the trail

  • •  Stay on the trail, don’t take short cuts

  • •  Remember that uphill hikers have the right-of-way

  • •  Respect private property

  • •  Move to the right if someone overtakes you

  • •  Bikers should give way to hikers and hikers to horses. When horses approach, move off of the trail and remain quiet

  • CollageCoffeeCupMore hikes are always needed! There are about 200 members in the MBC, we should be able to do better! Of course, short-notice hikes are also welcome. Please contact Eric Rolfs, Outings Chair at eric@bigrockexcursions.com and /or post via Facebook or email to the short-notice email list.

  • The Mount Baker Club is pleased to announce a new program to recognize those who step up and lead outdoor events for the club. Any member who leads an outing will earn a special Mount Baker Club mug. There is a limit of one mug per member household. So if you've been thinking of leading an outing, now is the time!